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We are "Antrim Cosmetic Solutions" - cosmetic chemists/formulators providing consultancy services. We understand that your needs can be specific - natural/organic/vegan/ayurvedic/halal. With our expertise in Cosmetic Science and Technology, we develop formulations as per your requirements for your brand. And with us, you always own the formulation we develop for you. We specialize in skin care, hair care, cleaning products (including hand sanitizers), baby care and pet care. We have experience developing various formulations including creams, lotions, gels, sprays, pastes, shampoo, conditioner, hair gels, serums, pomades, sunscreens, hand sanitizers, liquid soaps, all purpose cleaners and other similar products. We understand latest trends including Clean Beauty, Non-comedogenic products, ECOCERT, COSMOS, AHA/BHA products. We work with all types of clients including new Indie brands. Let us know what you need, we will make it happen.

Our specialities

You'll love our work. We specialize in Skin Care, Hair Care, Color Cosmetics, Cleaning Products and Pet Care.


In order to help you grow your business, our team can provide you with the following services:
Customized Formulation
If you have a concept, we can design a formula for your product range as per your standards and expectations. This process includes formula design, ingredient selection, process development and sending samples to you for evaluation. For more details on the process, refer to our section on customized formulation.
Turnkey Manufacturing
Turnkey cosmetic manufacturing services include managing the full manufacturing cycle including coordinating testing, regulatory consultation, packaging, labeling, contract manufacturing and shipping to client place of business. For more details on the process, refer to our website on turnkey cosmetic manufacturing.

Diversified Client Profile


The team at Antrim is headed by Anjali Hardikar. Anjali has a postgraduate qualification in Cosmetic Chemistry and extensive experience in research and development of personal care and OTC products. She has in-depth knowledge of surfactant chemistry and emulsion technology and has developed cosmetic products for various small/large North American and Asian clients including salon companies. Anjali has exhibited in numerous cosmetic industry exhibitions such as NYSCC Supplier's Day and Indie Beauty Uplink Live and recently appeared on Health and Wellness TV to talk about Clean Beauty and natural ingredients in cosmetics. She has knowledge of full product cycle from initial concept and design to manufacturing and marketing of products and can assist you at various stages of product development. Get in touch today for your formulation requirements.
Anjali Hardikar
Anjali Hardikar

Owner/Cosmetic Chemist


Antrim's laboratory is located in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada’s largest industrial/commercial hub and a major center of cosmetic industry in North America. The lab in Mississauga (part of GTA) is a fully functional lab with standard cosmetic laboratory equipment including stirrers, homogenizers,  stability ovens, viscometers, pH meters, weighing scales and cabinets to store all required raw materials. The above equipment is adequate to formulate and test stability all type of cosmetic formulations. Antrim is supported by all raw material suppliers and distributors and has current knowledge of all new raw material product launches. Get products formulated from a standard well equipped lab.  

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