Cosmetic Formulation includes the following services:

Research & Development of the Product Requirements:

At the start of product design & formulation, Antrim will have a discussion with the client.  Antrim will ask the client to fill a standard “Product Development Profile” template to understand client product requirements. In case the client wants to reverse engineer a product currently in the market (“benchmark product”), client can send across the benchmark product to Antrim or Antrim can obtain the product, if available locally. At this point, Antrim is also willing to sign mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), in case client requires.

Raw Material Procurement:

After understanding product expectations based on client discussion/product development profile/ benchmark product review, Antrim will conduct further research and finalize a list of ingredients (“raw material”) to be included in the product. Post ingredient finalization, Antrim will procure the raw materials.

Batching & Samples for Client Evaluation:

Post raw material procurement, Antrim will procure the raw materials and prepare product samples in its laboratory specially equipped to make cosmetics. Typically, Antrim will make 4-5 batches before it arrives at the final product suitable for client review. Antrim will then keep the samples for stability testing at 54 degrees Celsius for a week to confirm product stability. Post confirmation, Antrim will send two versions of the product for the client review.

Product Modification:

Client will evaluate the product and provide feedback to Antrim. In case any changes are required, Antrim will make those changes and ship the modification back to client for review.

Release of Formula:

Once client is satisfied with the product, Antrim will send the formula with process instructions. The client will own the formula and Antrim can assign the Intellectual Property (“IP”) over, in case the client requires.