COSMOS (COSMetic Organic Standard) is a Europe-wide private standard that was developed by five charters members:

  • BDIH (Germany).
  • Cosmebio (France).
  • Ecocert Greenlife SAS (France).
  • ICEA (Italy).
  • Soil Association (Great Britain).

They were all combined under an AISBL (international non-profit organisation based in Brussels) the purpose of which was to set down minimum common requirements,harmonize organic and natural cosmetic certification rules, and lobby institutions in the sector’s interests.

COSMOS makes use of the principles in the Ecocert standard (January 2003 version):

Promote the use of ingredients from organic farming.
Use production and manufacturing processes that are environmentally sound and safe for human health.
Include and expand the concept of “green chemicals”.

Antrim has experience developing cosmetics from COSMOS certified ingredients for many of our customers. Based on this experience, Antrim can develop products suitable for COSMOS certification.